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low_isaheight's Journal

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an online food journal, centred around weight watchers style
This is a journal about the healthy eating lifestyle, based around the style of weight watchers.
It's a place to share what you eat each day and how you are changing your life for the better.

I've joined weight watchers before. And while people are always nice, it's awkward being the only young person in a room full of people who have children my age. So I thought I'd create a place where I could share my personal journey, hopefully with other people who are in a similar situation.
Beginners' info and any information needed to follow a weight watchers' type system will be posted. However, it is not nessecary to follow the weight watcher's programme. Formats for posting will also be provided.

I will personally be recording what I eat everyday here. I encourage others to do the same. I will keep these posts locked, but information posts will be public.

Please do not join this group if you have problems with people who are overweight, or only wish to be rude and mean to members.

Questions? Problems? Comments? Comment on the first post of the community, or contact lindie at fastforwardlife.